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Other Relevant Documentation

Design Products

          Note:  This file contains promotional materials I designed for our MSU Bands events/performances as well as a host of other materials

          that were created in service to my colleagues and to assist with events and performances they had planned. Included are materials

          from October 2018 to present—earlier documents can be provided if required.

Bluegrass Music News - the official state publication of the Kentucky Music Educators Association

          - BMN Fall 18

          - BMN Winter 18

          - BMN Spring 19

          - BMN Summer 19

          - BMN Fall 19

          - BMN Winter 19

          Note: I served as the State Editor for the Kentucky Music Educators Association from July 2018 to February 2020.  The attached     

          issues were those produced under my leadership. The readership includes over 1400 Kentucky P-12 and collegiate music educators

          as well as other state and national entities.

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