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Hosted Event Materials

*Reviewers, please note—all work products below were designed and generated by me personally. I serve as the organizer and coordinator of all of these events. The most recent event documents can be found below, but each event is held annually (materials I created from earlier years can be provided upon request).

MSU Band Events

High School Concert Band Clinic Event Schedule Brochure

High School Concert Band Clinic Concert Program

           Note: Over 250 high school band members from four states attended this past year's HS Band Clinic.

Tri-State Middle School Honor Band Clinic

          Note: Over 400 middle school band members from four states attended this year's MS Band Clinic.

Blue and Gold Championship of Marching Bands Event Program

          Note: Over 1700 high school band members from Kentucky competed at this year's Blue and Gold.


Other Performances/Events

          Between August of 2017 and May of 2020, MSU concert ensembles under my direction (MSU Concert Band and MSU Symphonic Winds) have performed 13 public concerts; the MSU Marching Band has performed at 16 home football games, three MSU Fall Convocations, two MSU Freshman Induction Ceremonies, and a host of other campus service events (pep rallies, etc.). Many of these performances fall well beyond the expectations of my job description, but serve the greater campus community in a number of ways.

          During this same window, I conducted or performed in support of the following MSU music events: Double Reed Day (annually), Clarinet Day (2019), Trombone Day (annually), MSU Spring Gala (annually), MSU Faculty Artist Series (multiple annually), Memorial Day Parade (2019), MSU Summer Arts Academy (2019), MSU Trombone Choir Concert (2018 and 2019). I also perform and conduct outside of MSU, but am always serving in the capacity of the MSU Director of Bands.  I feel this visibility is critical in our recruitment efforts.

          Also during this time, I visited over 30 school band programs (middle and high) and served as a guest clinician.  These visits afford me the opportunity to connect not only with potential future Eagles, but also with the band directors (many of whom are proud alumni).  Growing these relationships is essential and serves to benefit both MSU and these school band programs. These visits are not mandated by, nor financially supported by MSU or the MSU Band Program.  All expenses are out of pocket and I receive no compensation of any kind.

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